Arriving from London, England in 1993, Emma Priest applied for a job with a title agency in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and has worked in the title insurance industry ever since. Since US laws are based on many of the same common law principles as the UK, Emma’s law experience translated well into the U.S. title industry. She worked her way up from escrow processor to closer, sales representative, and finally into a management position. She has been with Fidelity National Title since 2005, and currently serves as Vice President and Operations Manager for the Great Lakes Region.

I loved the title insurance business right from the start. Whether it is the satisfaction of getting a difficult transaction to finally close, developing professional bonds with a new customer or helping a fellow employee through a tough day, I find it all endlessly engaging.

Emma has her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of East Anglia and passed the Law Society Finals at her first sitting. She worked at a law firm in London for three years before moving to the United States with her husband

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